Free to use Display Pictures from my game :)

Hey, I have made some DP from my game Niara: ROTK for Steam Community. I am posting them here and you can use them freely as profile pictures for yourself if you like them. ❤

These DPs belong to different characters in the game.

All the character art was made by Serena Susan Abraham.

Instagram: @ahoytherem8ey

You can find the game here:



Compress PNG images using PNGGauntlet | Best Settings

Hello, today I will tell you how you can use PNGGauntlet to compress PNG images. PNG is a lossless image compression format and that is why it is very difficult to compress them to a great extent (especially if they have alpha channel). PNGGauntlet is a free program using which you can compress as many PNG images as you want without losing any quality or alpha channel. It will compress the images as much as they can be compressed using the tools and libraries currently available.

You can find PNGGauntlet here:

PNGGauntlet is developed by Ben Hollis. Visit his website here:

I have written text instructions here but I have also made a small (5 minute approx) video telling you how to use PNGGauntlet. You can find the video below. If you don’t like watching the video you can read everything here as well.

This is a video I made. Everything I want to tell you is in the video as well in this post.

I will tell you the settings for this program which I found to be the best. First if you download and install PNGGauntlet and you open it you will see a screen like this:

How the PNGGauntlet window looks like if you maximize it.

Then you must go to Tools -> Options and you will be presented with many a small window with many tabs as shown below:

Now you must click on PNGOut tab and do these steps

  1. Set ‘Bit Depth’ to ‘Minimize’
  2. Set ‘Color Type’ to ‘RGB+Alpha’
  3. Set ‘Filter Type’ to ‘None’
  4. You can leave rest of the options to their default values.

In the end it should look like this:

Next go to OptiPNG and do this:

  1. Click on ‘Enable OptiPNG’
  2. From the ‘Optimization Level’ dropdown choose ‘7 (Most)’

It should look like this:

Now you must go to ‘DeflOpt’ tab and do these steps:

  1. Click on the checkbox ‘Enable DeflOpt’

It should look like this:

That’s it. These are the settings which I found to be the best. Now you can drag and drop PNG images in this program and click on ‘Optimize’ to compress them.

Also, if you choose ‘Overwrite original files’ then it will overwrite the images you have dropped in it. If you don’t choose ‘Overwrite original files’ then you can enter a location where you want to save the compressed files. Generally when compressing pictures we choose the ‘Overwrite original files’ because we want to save space. So, there may be very few scenarios where you will have to keep the original file and write the compressed files somewhere else. You should not worry while overwriting your original files with it. It will not degrade the quality of the pictures.

I hope this information will help you in some way. Thank you for reading. 🙂

Book Review: Mistborn Trilogy, The Final Empire. No Spoilers ^_^

Mistborn Trilogy, The Final Empire Cover. There is a second cover too.
Another cover for Mistborn Trilogy, The Final Empire

This book portrays fantasy action and adventure type story. In the universe created by Brandon Sanderson some people can use special powers like flying through the air, increasing their senses, becoming physically stronger etc. by ‘burning’ metals. The ‘burning’ of the metals happens when someone ingests it and ‘burns’ it inside their stomach. How this burning happens is not explained. It is just something that the characters know how to do in their bodies. Once the metal starts burning it grants them special powers. These powers depend on the metal burned.

I must say, this is some never before seen type of mechanism for manifesting super powers. Now, of course there are some rare metals, some forbidden metals, metals whose effects are not known etc etc.

The story is really interesting. I won’t give any spoilers but I will tell this much that it revolves around conflict between powerful and weak people. The powerful people are royalties as well as people who are exceptionally well versed in ‘burning’ metals. The weak are the slaves and the workers. You get the idea.

This is a really nice read and it also contains some romance. I hope it will help you in deciding whether you want to buy this book or not. Thank you. ^_^

Niara: Rebellion Of the King Development after the demo

I have been working on the development of Niara:ROTK since April 2018. I released the demo in September and it was mildly successful in getting the attention of concerned gamers.

Story wise the game is still in its demo stage because I have been busy implementing new features and adding sprites and backgrounds to the game’s code so that it can access them.

I still have 2 months before I will have to release it in April 2019. I hope I will be able to finish it by then. It seems tough but its doable I believe.


Ideas and Implementation

A lot of us have many different ideas on new things and processes which we want to implement and bring in front of the world. Many of us also have the skills to do so. However, not all of us are able to do this. That is, bring our ideas from our head into reality. Why is that you ask? Let me give you my perspective on this.

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The image is not mine. I found it here:×1080-wallpaper.html

To think about new ideas is easy for the imaginative person. But in order to implement these ideas you need patience, hard work and perseverance. Nothing gets implemented if you have a lot of skills and know how but don’t put in the time and effort to put your ideas into action. When you are working on your ideas then you have no one else to depend on other than yourself. Your idea may fail and you may have to take a lot of sh*t. But, you still have to pursue it knowing deep in your heart that it might fail. This takes courage people. If you can muster this much courage then you can bring great things in the world.

So, be careful when you are trying to start the next big thing and leave your regular job. First think about this, are you ready to kill yourself for it? Because you may need to with all the hard work you will be doing. Sounds morbid, I know. But anything worth doing is a struggle.

Inner Voice

Inner voice is that voice inside your heart which tells you if what you are doing is right or not. It also guides you in your life.

Image is not mine. I found it here:×1050/kitchen-anime-girl-thinking-07cc18

Today I learned that, if that inner voice of yours is starting to hurt you then its probably a voice that somebody else kept in you. That person may have a very big influence in your life and the things they said and thought about you have manifested themselves in the form of your inner voice. If that voice is malicious to you, you must stop listening to it. That’s right, I just said that.

Also, look at what Gary said in this video. This inspired me very much to write this post because I feel that this is goddamn true.

watch at 3:04 to 3:25

Words to live by friends.