How to choose a web server?

This is a simple flowchart for you to decide which web server you should choose. Veteran web developers may already know what works best for them. This is for beginner web developers or people just wanting to try web development.

If you are having trouble deciding which web server to choose given all these options then this is the chart for you. I admit that there are many more services out there for example Google cloud, Microsoft Azure etc. But I am mentioning those services here which I have tried myself and can tell you that they are worth your money and time and that they will get the job done.

Notice that many veterans and experts will tell you to go for Amazon Web Services. I will not recommend this if you are hosting a website for the first time or if you are unsure what Amazon Web Services really is. If you are not comfortable with FTP, SSH and Linux terminal then AWS (Amazon Web Services) is not for you.

Heroku is good for hosting web apps and you do not need a lot of configuration to get your web app up and running. You need to do all the work using command line and git so be ready for it. And, if you are serious about web or software development then you should definitely learn git. Heroku offers some virtual machine instances for free if they use resources within a certain limit. The major resource which they monitor is CPU time. How much CPU time is your web app consuming? If it is less than a certain limit then you can host your web app on their infrastructure for free. There is more to it and you should really visit their website to find it out.

If you want a good, out of the box service then go for Cpanel. Cpanel is user friendly and it gets your website up and running within minutes. You can choose any hosting service mentioned in the chart to use Cpanel. I have personally tried Godaddy and Milesweb and I found that Godaddy servers were a little slower compared to Milesweb. You can try whatever service is best in your country.

Happy hosting. 😉 

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