Where should you register your domain name? And the truth about nameservers! O.O

Google domains logo

There are mainly two domain registrars which offer great service. One is Amazon Route 53 and Google Domains. Which one of them should you choose?

Amazon Route 53 logo

I will recommend that you go for Google Domains. See, the thing is that when you get a domain name then you also need to get nameservers and these nameservers also cost money. Google domains offers you domain name registration as well as their nameservers for a fixed yearly price. And boy, are their nameservers amazing! πŸ˜€

Amazon Route 53 has a separate fee for registration of domain name (which is around $12) and a separate monthly fee for using their nameservers. This gets expensive really quick and it makes you feel somewhat uneasy that you need to pay every month as well as pay a $12 yearly fees for your domain name. Also, Amazon Route 53 interface is really scary. :O I will only recommended it for professional web developers who want to host their websites and apps on Amazon’s infrastructure only.

Google offers everything in a fixed yearly price. Their price for domain names as well as nameservers are also around $12. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GO FOR GOOGLE DOMAINS! πŸ™‚

There are many more registrars out there and they offer you ridiculously low prices for domain names. But be warned, after an year or so they will again charge you a high/standard price for your domain and if you don’t know how to transfer domain to some other registrar then you are stuck with them.

Also, they do not tell you what type of nameservers they will be using. Generally, their nameserves are really low performance. That is where they cut their prices and this detail is always hidden from the customer. In my opinion they should tell upfront that this cost also includes a low performance nameserver. Don’t go for these low selling domain registrars, they will get you one way or the other.

Thank you for reading. I hope it helps you. :3

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