Doing a simple thing consistently gives results

If you are trying to lose weight your trainer may recommend you many types of exercises in order to do it. Doing a bunch of different types of complex exercises will definitely get you results if you do them with consistency. However, maintaining consistency when you are doing something extremely complex is difficult. On the other hand when you do something really simple and something that comes naturally to you then maintaining consistency becomes much much easier. In the world of training and exercise 80% of your results depend on whether you do the exercise regularly or not.

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Similarly in all other spheres of life as well most of the result which you obtain depends on whether you actually perform the task regularly or not. And that task should be a task which you know will make you successful and it should be easy for you. You do not have to do an extremely complex task regularly in order to achieve success. Because you will not be able to do that extremely complex task regularly.

That is why it is important to choose something which comes easily to you and which is guaranteed to get you success even if it takes a lot of time. Let us again take the example of losing weight. If you plan to go for different types of difficult exercises then you will do them once, twice or maybe for a few weeks. Then you will slowly start burning up. You will slowly stop doing them altogether. The results which are worth having can never be achieved in a hurry. The results which are worth achieving take a lot of time. That is why you must choose an exercise which you can do everyday. And here the concept of doing simple things comes into play. If one does jogging everyday then also they will be able to lose weight. And jogging is not a difficult exercise. It does not require a lot of effort and willpower. One can do it everyday. When you have found that one thing which you can do everyday and which is guaranteed to get you success if not today then maybe after ten years then you must keep doing it.

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This concept comes into play in the world of business as well. So many executives in big companies are not even qualified for entry level jobs in their own companies. This is a true fact. Then, you may wonder, how did they build that company in the first place? The answer is, they did one simple thing consistently. They looked into their inner selves and figured out that ONE thing which they can do easily and it was guaranteed to give them results and they started doing it. They committed themselves to it mind and soul.

They had no doubts, no hesitation. They had nothing to lose. They did not even fear death. They were ready to die doing this one simple thing even if it gave them no result till the end. This is the kind of resolve which you must have in your life and figure out that one simple thing which you can do consistently and which is guaranteed to give you results.

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

Let us now take some examples of simple things which you may choose to do. You may want to do photography if you love doing it. Take a good picture everyday and post it online. You may like making art. Make a good piece of art everyday and post it online. If you can’t make a good piece of art everyday then you can make a good piece of art twice a week and on rest of the days you just post your process of making that art. If you like to read books, read a chapter everyday and then summarize the book in your blog at the end of the week. If you love riding bike and you want to be the authority in bike riding then that will not come in one day. You will have to ride your bike everyday little bit and post your experience or your bike riding video online. These are just some examples. It is very very important to choose something which comes easily to you. Suppose you want to sell a product then post about it online every day. It will catch some eyeballs and you will make sales.

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Think about a new shopkeeper. When a new shopkeeper opens a new shop then he or she gets very little business. But, that shopkeeper does one simple thing everyday. He or she shows up to his or her shop everyday and opens it to welcome customers. Slowly, his or her shop grows and becomes a highly profitable business. It may take years for that to happen but what is important is to keep your shop open for all those years and show up to serve the customers.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article helped you in some way.

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