How to be consistent in whatever you do

There are many things in life which require consistency. You need to do those things consistently in order to achieve success. If your consistency breaks you will start drifting farther and farther from success. One such example is sales. If you are continuously making sales and practicing your pitch then you are more likely to land a good deal. If you don’t get a lot of real practice in sales then it will be highly unlikely for you to land a client. Another example maybe art. If you are not drawing regularly then you will lose practice and the quality of your art will start degrading. Or you will start to draw slower and slower.

I will even go ahead and say that if you want to be successful in any field of work you NEED to be consistent in your work. You need to do sales pitch everyday. You need to practice tennis everyday. You need to practice art everyday.

Now, in this article I am going to tell you one way in which you can be consistent for a long term. Being consistent for a long term is certainly difficult. Say, you have to practice tennis for 5 years before you can see any result. That is super hard to do. Practicing something without getting and even expecting any results for 5 straight years is definitely something that will require a lot of will power and sacrifices OR it can require a lot of love. Yes. If you love what you do then you will be able to do it consistently without thinking of the result, without thinking of any achievement in that field. This is because being able to do it is achievement enough for you. You enjoy taking photos. You enjoy playing tennis. You enjoy making art. When you enjoy and love what you are doing then you will be able to do it consistently and for an indefinite amount of time without expecting any result.

This is why identifying your passion is super important. Even if it takes you several weeks of thinking to identify your passion you MUST do it. It is that important. Keep your day job/school too because most hobbies don’t start making money for you immediately but they will if you consistently do them for years and years. You can read articles on identifying your passion in one of our sister sites here.

Once you have identified your passion, go all in! And don’t expect any results from it for several years. Love what you do and when you do it and even if results start coming your love of doing it will be your greatest joy.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you in some way.

2 thoughts on “How to be consistent in whatever you do

  1. Good point! This can also be stated from a different angle: focus on the process and not on the outcome. If you can make the daily process fun and rewarding, you will do it consistently and the outcome will take care of itself.


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