Thinking for the next generation

When we say the word ‘next generation’ what comes to our mind is our own family and future lineup of members. In this article we are going to talk about ‘next generation’ in general. That is, the next generation of human beings not limited to our own families.

Parents and their baby

In today’s busy world we are all occupied in making a living and ensuring a better future for ourselves and our family. We also talk about securing the future of our next generation too. However, very few people think about securing the future of the next generation of every human being in this world in general. I am not saying that thinking about your own family is wrong. If you or your family is struggling to make ends meet then I will not recommend spending your time in humanitarian deeds. If you are struggling to secure a better future for your family then you should not read this article any further.

However, if you already have enough and are not struggling to secure your family’s future then read on. We are going to talk about what kind of perspective we should have when we are trying to do something for the future of mankind.

These things take time. Yes. Whatever you are planning to do for the future generation will most probably not bear fruit in your own lifetime. Or even in the lifetime of the adults who witness you doing it. Effectively, you are going to get no credit for it most likely. That is the bitter truth. That is why there are so many people who don’t care about the environment and just keep exploiting its resources because hey, when the environment becomes inhabitable they will be dead anyway.

This kind of thinking is hurtful and selfish. If you have enough for yourself and your own future generation then you must absolutely make sure that the world you are going to pass on to the future generation of humankind is better than what you lived in. And you must strive to make it so for the next generation of the entire human race (after making sure you have enough for yourself that is).

There can be a number of activities which you can do in order to make the lives of future humans better. Preserving the environment, establishing as much infrastructure as possible for good education, strengthening the economy, strengthening security etc. However, all this should not be done at your own or your family’s expense. Thinking about yourself and your family first is not selfish at all. Only those who already have enough for themselves and their families should participate in the betterment of society and future in general. This is the moral obligation that they have and they must follow that. In this way only the human race can thrive. That’s what I wanted to tell you here. If you are not able to make ends meet then its not wrong to focus on yourself first.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you in some way.

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