Fallout 4 and machine building inspiration

Fallout 4 is a post apocalyptic video game developed by Bethesda Game Studio and is a part of the Fallout franchise. It came out in 2015 and the fan base received it very mildly. Some people liked it and some did not. Personally, I loved the game and I still play it.

Fallout 4 fine art made by Cook and Becker art gallery? Please inform me if I am wrong.

One of the reasons why I keep firing up Fallout 4 again and again is the crafting and settlement building system in it. Crafting system was also there in previous versions of Fallout but the settlement building system is new and I really love it. However, many people in the fan base hate the settlement building system because they claim that its not ‘real Fallout’ and that maybe because the first three versions of Fallout were top down RPG and they came out way back and had turn based combat and exploration without any building system. Fallout 4 however has a system in which you can build small villages and settlements and make people live there, set up farms and set up power supplies. It really gives a good perspective on what human beings need in order to build a self sustainable settlement.

The Brotherhood of Steel blimp. This is a screenshot from the game.

Even though it is just a game it really makes me think what would I do if I had to build a well functioning and self sustainable settlement in the event of a catastrophe? To be honest, in my current state I won’t be able to do much. But when I play Fallout and I look at the sophisticated machines built out of scrap I am fascinated by them. I know its not real, its just a game but it makes me really interested in building something like the machines present in the game. If the player can build all that from scrap then why can’t I do the same by using today’s technology? I know fusion batteries the size of my phone are not real but hey, what if they were?

So, I go into the game look at the 2 meter tall windmill built out of scrap and almost falling apart and I get really interested in it because it is able to produce enough power to fire up a pump which can draw water from a nearby irradiated water source and purify it as well. That’s amazing. I roam around in the game and observe people spending their nights under just a few electric bulbs because that’s what the power plant can handle. They grow their own food and eat it. But the best thing is that they have everything in their sight. They know where the power is coming from, they know where the food is coming from. They are watching machines harness the resources of nature to fulfill their needs in real time, well, in game time; they are NPCs after all.

Barren wasteland and that nuclear generator. This is also a screenshot from the game.

Our modern world is different. We have no idea where our amenities are coming from. Well, we do but we don’t know exactly how it looks like, where it is and what is it going through. And how long will it last? That is really not a good thing according to me. Everybody should know how a simple generator works and they should also know how to build one in times of need. Hey, I am not saying that I know how to build a generator or a water purifier but I really want to. I want to know how can we rebuild all these amenities if we had to build them from scratch? Fallout 4 really puts these things in perspective and it teaches us to appreciate how good our modern world is and it also provides us an approximate view of how our post apocalyptic world would be. I think we must always be prepared for it if we want the human race to thrive. I am not saying that apocalypse is coming. I am just saying that it MIGHT come, right?

Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you in some way.

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