Valdis Story Abyssal City Game Review: No Spoilers

Valdis Story Abyssal City is a hack n slash platformer video game developed by Endlessfluff. It is an indie game and it was funded by Kickstarter. So, this game is a platformer as well as an RPG. The RPG part deals with customisation of weapons and leveling your character up. The game has a deep and intriguing story line dealing with angels, demons and normal people.

Valdis Story Abyssal City Cover art

I especially loved the controls of the game. The game plays really smooth and the animations are really responsive. It makes you feel as if the character’s limbs are your own limbs and you are able to control them, well, in a restrictive manner but still. The game has really amazing 2D graphics and eye catching animations. The music in the game is made by Zack Parrish and it is really good. You can check out Zack’s website here The soundtracks in the game are made by Calum Bowen. Check out Calum’s website at

In the game you can choose from among four characters although you can only choose form among two characters when you are just starting out. Different characters have different movesets and different attacks. When I played the game I chose the first character in the list and he wielded a big sword and had magic attacks. He was not very agile in movement and the reason may be his big sword. Other characters have different traits so you should check out which one you like to play with the most.

The atmosphere in the game is really relaxing

The enemies in the game are easy in the beginning but get progressively tougher as the game progresses. You will also have to grind a little to defeat some bosses in the game.

In conclusion if you are a fan of hack and slash sword fighting games then you will absolutely love this one. It is also very light on your system as it does not require a lot of RAM or CPU. The game is absolutely excellent in all aspects ranging from programming to art and music. So, if you are trying to decide if you want to buy this game or not I suggest that you go for it. You can get it on GOG (here) or on Steam (here). Steam will be better if you are unsure about the game because you will be able to get it refunded there if you don’t like it after playing for less than one hour.

There is animated blood and violence

Is this game meant for children? Well, it has animated blood and violence so it is not meant for children under 13. But if your child is above 13 and enjoys anime or fighting games in general then he/she will absolutely love it given the amazing art style and smooth and responsive controls. If someone would have gifted this game to when I was 13 I would have exploded in happiness. :’)

But that is just my personal opinion. You must really gauge the interest level of your child and see if the game is fit for them. For age limit, just make sure he or she is 13 or above.

I hope this review will help you in some way. Thank you for reading.

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