Ease of delivery of video games | Players with data caps

In this video I am telling you how we tackled the problem of reducing the size of our game so that even users who have very expensive data or who have data caps on their connection can download and enjoy it.

The number of hours the player can enjoy the game for should be directly proportional to the size of the game. The players don’t know if you have used a really HD texture or lossless sound. They will only care about what they are looking at in their screens and how many hours they will be able to play the game for.

When your game’s size is justified against the play time then it may result in more trust in your game and more sales. However, even if it does not increase sales we must always make sure that data caps are not stopping players from playing our game. You can make sure that your images are all optimized and sound files are compressed. When users are playing a game then they really don’t pay a lot of attention to the quality of the sound files as long as they are pleasant to the ears. This is very important. Human beings are arbiters of quality when it comes to lossy data compression. We game developers should go for lossy compression but we must compress our resources to such an extent that human beings are not able to recognize any difference between compressed and uncompressed resources.

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