Action brawler comedy anime Beelzebub review – No Spoilers ^_^

Beelzebub is an action brawler anime developed by Pierrot+ studio. The manga was written by Ryūhei Tamura. The anime is about a first year high school student known as Oga Tatsumi. The high school he is enrolled in is an all delinquent high school and only delinquents and students with very less grades are enrolled here. So, there are often brawls in the high school (and even outside) among students and student groups so that one can show authority over the others. Naturally, seniors are considered to be physically stronger than juniors. But that was not the case with Oga. Even though he was a first year student he was incredibly strong and could defeat his seniors. But, not all seniors.

Beelzebub anime poster

And then down the road Oga gets in contact with a demon baby and his caretakers (a beautiful and authoritative woman and a giant gay man who was also a portal to the demon world). Then Oga is forced to stay with them and manage his daily lives with the demon kins. He constantly tries to get rid of them though. The story is really full of laughs and if you are looking for a comedy anime with action and delinquents in it then look no further. It is a fun and enjoyable experience and your time will pass really fast if you watch this anime. Effectively it has no boring moment or boring episode.

Even though it is a comedy anime there are epic moments of intense action as well. Oga will face many strong rivals and he will have to fight them all off. Of course the power of the demon baby will help him in his journey. Will he get at top of Ishiyama High (the name of the high school) ?

Thank you for reading. I hope this review will help you decide if you want to watch this anime or not. 🙂

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