My top 5 most favorite Pokemon in Pokemon Black

This is a short list of some pokemon I found cute and amazing in Pokemon Black. I played this game a few years ago so some details maybe missing. I binged it to be honest and loved every minute of it. Here is the list:

5. Klingklang

Klingklang artwok

I liked Klingklang because of its shape. Just look at it. It looks so edgy and modern. That’s pretty cool right? No other reason for me to put it in this list. Also it is steel type and steel is one of my most favorite types in Pokemon games.

4. Cinccino

Cinccino artwork

Next is Cinccino. Cinccino is a cute pokemon and it evolves from Minccino. But you have to use a shiny stone to evolve it :(. I think it is well worth it because it gets this nice shawl around its neck and it looks even cuter with it. Otherwise its just a mouse with huge ears! It is a normal type pokemon and there maybe several merits to its battle style but personally I would use it for just looking pretty :3

3. Boldore

Boldore artwork

Boldore is a rock type pokemon. And I chose it to be in this list because it is hella strong and hella difficult to catch. But once I caught it, I used it to grind away through hordes of enemies. Sadly, it does not level up without trading and I mean that’s such a shame because its evolved form Gigalith looks even more badass.

2. Samurott

Samurott artwork

I think we all saw this coming. Samurott as it looks like in the image is a water type pokemon. In the beginning I used Samurott a lot but then slowly switched to other pokemon. It was really useful and powerful in defeating the beginning gym trainers in Pokemon Black. This helps create a bond with your main pokemon :’). Samurott was my main pokemon for a long time in the game and therefore it deserves a spot in this list.

1. Darmanitan

Darmanitan artwork

Darmanitan! Yes you read that right folks. Nobody would have expected Darmanitan of all pokemon in Pokemon Black to be here but here it is. I must tell you that in the late game I predominantly used it and it was hella powerful. I leveled it up to 99 I think and almost no one was able to stand before it let alone win. I mean, can you imagine? It is just a simple fire pokemon, no other special types or abilities but I just leveled it up as hard as I could and lo and behold. A fighting powerhouse. Proud of you Darmanitan. It helped me win the game.

If you know about the game then you may be wondering why no Reshiram or Zekrom? Well they are legendary pokemon so one would expect them to be in a favorite pokemon list :3. But I just wanted to tell you about the pokemon who I connected to and in what way. Reshiram and Zekrom are encountered in late game and therefore you don’t have time to connect with them. And they are legendary so it doesn’t really feel like they give a shit about you. But cute little Cinccino does give a shit about you! So…here they are :).

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