My first thoughts on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (No Spoilers)

Today I started playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and this game was released this summer (2019). It took me a long while to download it as it was 8 gigabytes. And judging by the comments on Steam and elsewhere I reckon that it was a crowdfunded game.

This is the in game menu. It has all the options you need to journey through the game.

The visuals are really great…and I mean really great. The team behind this game has done a really great job in making the game look beautiful. The story in the game progresses with visual novel style dialogue systems (as far as I have played today). The introduction of the game consisted of hand drawn art with overlaid text and background music and narration.

The story progresses through cut scenes as well as visual novel like dialogues

It is a platformer game and its made in Unreal engine (or so they say in their title). And I also think that the perspective the player is looking from has been forced in order to make it look like a 2D game but the assets are actually all 3D. I can conclude this because I saw settings like texture and vsync and all these settings are encountered in 3D games and also because the movements were too smooth for the assets to be merely 2D art.

it has faced paced combat. The boss was really difficult though in this level.

The game does not detect your hardware and starts in super high quality mode. My laptop could not handle the super high quality video settings and the game lagged like it was its job. So, I quit the game but after sometime I started it again and this time I lowered the settings and it worked well. It was not very smooth but it was playable.

In conclusion, so far I like the game and the fighting mechanics in it are really good. You can use shoes as weapons as the protagonist knows some badass kickboxing. I will be playing the game fully and I will update you with the latest review after I have finished the game. Thank you for reading.

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