How to do Let’s Plays on potato PC | And some problems in making Let’s Plays | Short talk on SSLP

Making a Let’s Play video of any game is hard work. But it can be extra hard when you have a potato PC i.e. a not so powerful computer system. I have an Asus laptop and it is one of the best models out there but…it was not made to play games AND record them at the same time. So, what do we do? The problem is that, many of us want to play games and record and document our journeys at the same time. But if we have an underpowered rig then we won’t be able to do that. Here, in this video I am talking about a possible way to make let’s plays so that we can have the satisfaction of documenting our journey without having a super high end hardware.

Here I talk about the legacy concept of SSLP (screen shot let’s plays) and they are also known as AAR (after action reports). I am just suggesting a way to bring those SSLPs to popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat in the form of stories. Shall we call it story let’s plays? You can call it whatever 😛 but the important thing is that it should enable us to document our journey. We can put short captions on game screenshots and put them on stories as well as feeds so that people can enjoy them instantaneously while scrolling through their feeds. This is just an idea and I did it for a few days and I am planning to do it more now that I know that my system won’t be able to handle making let’s plays of new games.

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