All my power armors in Fallout 4

I have been playing Fallout 4 for quite some time now. I think it has been 3 years since I first started playing and I haven’t finished it yet! Anyway, this time I am gonna flex some of those cool power armors I got in the game.

So, I have stored all of my armors at Sanctuary because that is my most well guarded settlement. I don’t think anybody can steal your power armor but it doesn’t hurt to be on the safer side.

Sanctuary on the Pip Boy map

So the first one is the power armor with a Stealth Boy Lead T-45e Torso and a Sensing Overboss Power III Helmet. Now they all have some arms and legs as well but the torso and the helmet are the most important parts.

The second one is the armor with a Motion-Assisted Prism T-45e Torso and a Targeting Prism T-60e Helmet. I think the targeting helmet provides some form of aim assist in game.

The third one is a power armor having X-01 Mk. III Torso and the same type of helmet. It is actually a full set of X-01 Mk. III parts. I like to keep power armors in pristine and complete conditions if I find their full set.

The fourth one is a power armor with Motion-Assisted Military T-51e Torso and this one is a mixture of different types of parts. Generally I make mixtures when I have to repair a damaged power armor and I don’t have matching parts. It is the mixed power armors that I use in battle. I never use the complete set ones because I am obsessed with how complete they are and don’t want to damage them beyond repair and want to keep their batteries full.

The fifth one I have is the Quantum X-01 Mk. V power armor and this one is a full set. I think I got it in the Nuka Cola DLC if I am remembering correctly. And I have NOT used these power armors and they are at full fusion cell. I kind of like to keep things complete and organized if I can help it.

The next one in the list is kind of a mixture of a Tesla armor and a regular armor. And it is one which has Exemplar’s T-60c Torso and Tesla T-60 left and right arms which makes little sparks of electricity burst out of these nodes present on its surface. It looks very very cool. Now I tend to mix up power armor parts if I don’t have their complete sets. So, four of my power armors are mixtures of different parts and not complete sets.

The final one is a BOS II armor but it has a BOS II Tesla T-60b Torso. Which means that it also has sparks coming out of a big tube at the back of the torso. It is a Brotherhood of Steel armor and that’s why I believe I would have gotten it at Prydwen after completing some Brotherhood of Steel mission.

My last armor is stored at Red Rocket. It looks like such a sad and gloomy place. I kind of feel like wanting to renovate it so that it looks a little better. I think I can do that by using the workshop system.

Sad and gloomy Red Rocket

Anyway, so that was my entire list of power armors. I think it’s always fun getting acquainted to other people’s power armor collection? Tell me about yours sometime. Thank you for reading. I will see you next time. 😉

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