Gdevelop Casual Game Development Stream Part 3 [Refine And Fix Character Animations And Controls]

In the whole video the focus has been on fixing and refining the character animation so if that is your goal then you may need to watch the whole video. I suggest you watch it at 2x speed because I talk slowly.

This is a game development stream in which I am making a casual game called Soul Hunter Downtown. I am using Gdevelop to make this and while I am working on the game I will be telling you important things along the way so that you can learn to use the Gdevelop engine while watching this video. I do not speak fast or tell lots of details in one sentence so you can watch this video at higher speeds to get it done quickly. I have put some timestamps for important concepts in the description :).

Add global variables in Gdevelop: 13:43

Add a timer in Gdevelop: 20:41

Check how long the timer has been running for: 22:29

Decrease the time spent in animations of character: 24:55

Add a cooldown system for firing bullets/energy balls: 12:55 to [End of Video] (Tip: You can watch it at 2x speed to save time)

Thank you for watching!

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