Gdevelop Casual Game Development Stream Part 5 [Make A GitHub Repository For Your Game & Manage It]

This is a game development stream in which I am making a casual game called Soul Hunter Downtown. I am using Gdevelop to make this and while I am working on the game I will be telling you important things along the way so that you can learn to use the Gdevelop engine while watching this video. I do not speak fast or tell lots of details in one sentence so you can watch this video at higher speeds to get it done quickly. I have put some timestamps for important concepts in the description :).

Make a new GitHub repository: 01:13

Download git software: 03:26

Clone the GitHub repository in your computer: 05:28

Add files to the repository in your computer (local repository): 06:45

Push the files from your local repository to your online repository: 07:24

Make the enemies damage the player: 20:27

Animate the player when they are taking damage: 23:55

Make a damage cooldown system for the player character: 26:00

Push the changes from your local repository to your online repository: 47:27

Get the Ninja Girl Sprite from Gameart2d:—free-sprites.html

The background art is from Craftpix. Get it for free from here:

Rest of the art has been made in Piskel from within Gdevelop 🙂 Watch this video to learn how to do that:

Get the source code from here: (Note: The source will be updated everyday till the time this tutorial series is running.)

Thank you for watching!

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Also check out my game studio website:

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