Gdevelop Casual Game Development Stream Part 28 [ Scripts To Update Profile Picture & Game Values]

Mapping of profile picture variable values and actual images: 1:42 to 08:12

Write a script to change profile picture: 00:19 to 26:57

Write a script to update game values: 27:10 to [End of Video]

I have used some regular expressions in the above scripts. There have been some minor errors in them but all errors have been fixed towards the end of the video. Watch the last 10 minutes of the video to be acquainted to the changes made to the regular expressions (56:26 to [End of Video]).

(You can watch the video at 2x speed to save time)

Download the final apk from here (for the standalone version of the game. That is, the version with no networking capabilities):

At this point I have made two repositories for the game. One is the old repository where the game has networking and leader-board functionality (Which is yet to be implemented). The other one is the new one made today and that version of the game does not contain networking functionality and is a self contained standalone game. I did that because not all games require networking and leader-boards so if you are building a game without networking capabilities then you can download the source from the new repository. The link is here:

Get the Ninja Girl Sprite from Gameart2d:—free-sprites.html

The background art is from Craftpix. Get it for free from here:

Rest of the art has been made in Piskel from within Gdevelop 🙂 Watch this video to learn how to do that:

Get the game source code from here (You don’t need this source code if you are building a game without networking functionalities):

(Note: The source will be updated everyday till the time this tutorial series is running.)

Get the server source code from here (You don’t need server source code if you are building a game without networking functionalities):

(Note: The above link will take you to a repository which is exactly similar to the actual repository which I have connected to my Heroku web app. There is, however, one difference. And that is, the config values are not present in the above listed repository. This has been done for security reasons. You can find your own config values by following the steps shown in this video:

This is a game development stream in which I am making a casual game called Soul Hunter Downtown. I am using Gdevelop to make this and while I am working on the game I will be telling you important things along the way so that you can learn to use the Gdevelop engine while watching this video. I do not speak fast or tell lots of details in one sentence so you can watch this video at higher speeds to get it done quickly. I have put some timestamps for important concepts in the description :).

Thank you for watching!

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