A Thought Experiment On Creativity

You should always bring out the creative impulses inside you. Now, these creative impulses can be of two types. One, you want to throw out all the garbage that you have accumulated over the years and two, you want to express something into this world that wants to be expressed through you. And doing both […]

Thinking for the next generation

When we say the word ‘next generation’ what comes to our mind is our own family and future lineup of members. In this article we are going to talk about ‘next generation’ in general. That is, the next generation of human beings not limited to our own families. In today’s busy world we are all […]

How to be consistent in whatever you do

There are many things in life which require consistency. You need to do those things consistently in order to achieve success. If your consistency breaks you will start drifting farther and farther from success. One such example is sales. If you are continuously making sales and practicing your pitch then you are more likely to […]