Ideas and Implementation

A lot of us have many different ideas on new things and processes which we want to implement and bring in front of the world. Many of us also have the skills to do so. However, not all of us are able to do this. That is, bring our ideas from our head into reality. Why is that you ask? Let me give you my perspective on this.

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The image is not mine. I found it here:×1080-wallpaper.html

To think about new ideas is easy for the imaginative person. But in order to implement these ideas you need patience, hard work and perseverance. Nothing gets implemented if you have a lot of skills and know how but don’t put in the time and effort to put your ideas into action. When you are working on your ideas then you have no one else to depend on other than yourself. Your idea may fail and you may have to take a lot of sh*t. But, you still have to pursue it knowing deep in your heart that it might fail. This takes courage people. If you can muster this much courage then you can bring great things in the world.

So, be careful when you are trying to start the next big thing and leave your regular job. First think about this, are you ready to kill yourself for it? Because you may need to with all the hard work you will be doing. Sounds morbid, I know. But anything worth doing is a struggle.

Inner Voice

Inner voice is that voice inside your heart which tells you if what you are doing is right or not. It also guides you in your life.

Image is not mine. I found it here:×1050/kitchen-anime-girl-thinking-07cc18

Today I learned that, if that inner voice of yours is starting to hurt you then its probably a voice that somebody else kept in you. That person may have a very big influence in your life and the things they said and thought about you have manifested themselves in the form of your inner voice. If that voice is malicious to you, you must stop listening to it. That’s right, I just said that.

Also, look at what Gary said in this video. This inspired me very much to write this post because I feel that this is goddamn true.

watch at 3:04 to 3:25

Words to live by friends.

Where should you register your domain name? And the truth about nameservers! O.O

Google domains logo

There are mainly two domain registrars which offer great service. One is Amazon Route 53 and Google Domains. Which one of them should you choose?

Amazon Route 53 logo

I will recommend that you go for Google Domains. See, the thing is that when you get a domain name then you also need to get nameservers and these nameservers also cost money. Google domains offers you domain name registration as well as their nameservers for a fixed yearly price. And boy, are their nameservers amazing! 😀

Amazon Route 53 has a separate fee for registration of domain name (which is around $12) and a separate monthly fee for using their nameservers. This gets expensive really quick and it makes you feel somewhat uneasy that you need to pay every month as well as pay a $12 yearly fees for your domain name. Also, Amazon Route 53 interface is really scary. :O I will only recommended it for professional web developers who want to host their websites and apps on Amazon’s infrastructure only.

Google offers everything in a fixed yearly price. Their price for domain names as well as nameservers are also around $12. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GO FOR GOOGLE DOMAINS! 🙂

There are many more registrars out there and they offer you ridiculously low prices for domain names. But be warned, after an year or so they will again charge you a high/standard price for your domain and if you don’t know how to transfer domain to some other registrar then you are stuck with them.

Also, they do not tell you what type of nameservers they will be using. Generally, their nameserves are really low performance. That is where they cut their prices and this detail is always hidden from the customer. In my opinion they should tell upfront that this cost also includes a low performance nameserver. Don’t go for these low selling domain registrars, they will get you one way or the other.

Thank you for reading. I hope it helps you. :3

How to choose a web server?

This is a simple flowchart for you to decide which web server you should choose. Veteran web developers may already know what works best for them. This is for beginner web developers or people just wanting to try web development.

If you are having trouble deciding which web server to choose given all these options then this is the chart for you. I admit that there are many more services out there for example Google cloud, Microsoft Azure etc. But I am mentioning those services here which I have tried myself and can tell you that they are worth your money and time and that they will get the job done.

Notice that many veterans and experts will tell you to go for Amazon Web Services. I will not recommend this if you are hosting a website for the first time or if you are unsure what Amazon Web Services really is. If you are not comfortable with FTP, SSH and Linux terminal then AWS (Amazon Web Services) is not for you.

Heroku is good for hosting web apps and you do not need a lot of configuration to get your web app up and running. You need to do all the work using command line and git so be ready for it. And, if you are serious about web or software development then you should definitely learn git. Heroku offers some virtual machine instances for free if they use resources within a certain limit. The major resource which they monitor is CPU time. How much CPU time is your web app consuming? If it is less than a certain limit then you can host your web app on their infrastructure for free. There is more to it and you should really visit their website to find it out.

If you want a good, out of the box service then go for Cpanel. Cpanel is user friendly and it gets your website up and running within minutes. You can choose any hosting service mentioned in the chart to use Cpanel. I have personally tried Godaddy and Milesweb and I found that Godaddy servers were a little slower compared to Milesweb. You can try whatever service is best in your country.

Happy hosting. 😉 

Open source development tools in schools

With Adobe and Autodesk completely shifting their models to a subscription based service the software products which they offer are getting more and more expensive to use in the long run.
There are open source alternatives to most of the software products which they offer and which provide similar functionality for free. 
However, in schools and universities the students are taught the use of proprietary software products which cost a fortune to buy even if they are a one time purchase. When a small company (such as us) hire these students we find it difficult to buy the licenses of the software they are used to or teach them the use of open source software.

Blender Logo (Open Source 3D modeling and animation software). Try it, you will love it.

This hinders our ability to produce content. With open source software products offering similar capabilities as paid products one may wonder why schools and universities are so insistent on using the proprietary products for teaching. The schools and universities don’t even buy the licenses for those products and simply pirate them. The companies know about this and they don’t bother. (Autodesk even provides some software for free for students) These companies know that the professionals which the university/school will be building will go out into companies and only be able to work at their utmost efficiency using their product. This approach only hurts the small businesses.

Inkscape Logo (Open Source Vector Drawing Software)

So, if people who coordinate the education programs in schools and universities are reading this then please try to make a switch from proprietary giants to humble open source software products. I will tell you how to google that, just type “open source alternative to ‘proprietary software name'”
Type in Google: Open source alternative to Adobe Flash
Type in Google: Open source alternatives to Autodesk Maya

And you will see many results. These software products are open source, free and you will never have to live in fear of a task force arriving at your school/university looking for pirated software products and you will help the small businesses grow as well as be able to participate in the development of these software products.
One thing which should be noted about the open software products is that they have a very good ability to include plugins in them which the proprietary software products also offer but…for money. Their plugins are also costly.

this is from Rick And Morty

Small company guys and girls may have enjoyed this post. Big company guys and girls…not so much.