My Works And Experiences

Mentioned below are some of my works and past experiences. Feel free to follow the links and have a look at them

  1. Orkidd (location based messaging and broadcasting android app. Developed in Java and back end hosted on Amazon AWS. Visit the Orkidd website: and Play store page:
  2. A.I. Dietician (AI based dietician web app developed in PHP and uses KNN classification to generate diet plans based on user’s height, weight, age and any chronic disease. Use the web app here:
  3. Military Tactical Visor (A handheld device with an Augmented reality visor which can be worn on the head. This device was a final year college project and it was made to be used in war time and battles by soldiers. It tells direction of movement of the wearer, lets the wearer use radio broadcast to send voice messages, tells the GPS location of the wearer. Here is the project file: and here are some pictures:
  4. Niara: Rebellion Of the King Visual Novel RPG (A visual novel role playing game with turn based combat and map exploration. This game was developed using Python and Renpy. Visit the Google Play Store Page: Visit the website:
  5. Gdevelop 5 40+ hour tutorial stream (In this tutorial various beginner and advanced concepts of Gdevelop 5 were taught (An open source game engine written in Javascript). Hosting a free web server on Heroku and connecting the game to the web server was also taught. Visit Youtube for accessing the video series: Source files for the tutorial, Repository for the game code:, Repository for the web server code:
  6. Extensive AWS experience in using Lightsail and SES. Websites hosted on AWS: Android App backend hosted on AWS. (Link hidden for security purpose)
  7. Extensive experience with Heroku and hosting PHP websites and databases on Heroku. Website hosted on Heroku:
  8. Experience with Google Domains. Domains configured from Google Domains:,,
  9. Extensive experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Website and web apps with MySQL as backend database:,, Website with PostgreSQL as the backend database:
  10. Extensive experience with JSON data. All websites working with JSON data:, Apps working with JSON data: Gdevelop 5 tutorial uses JSON data. Find the full 40+ hour tutorial on Youtube:
  11. Extensive experience in Python for developing video games primarily. Video games developed in Python (using the Renpy game engine): Niara:Rebellion Of the King:, A Sweet Meeting:, Kori’s Fable Intro Video:
  12. Experience with Amazon Polly. Here are some videos made with Amazon Polly voice by doing text to voice conversion: a). b). c).
  13. Experience in hosting apps on Google Play Store: Here are some of those apps: a) b) c) d) e)
  14. Experience in hosting games on Here are some of those games: a) b)
  15. Experience in hosting games on Steam. Here is one game:
  16. Experience in editing videos using open source tool Shotcut. Here are some videos made in this way: a). b). c).
  17. Video game studio (Redseed Game Studio. Website hosted on AWS) Visit:
  18. Experience with Amazon RDS. Hosted Orkidd ( database on RDS but removed it because it was too expensive.
  19. Experience with Linux shell. Developed and hosted websites on virtual servers running Ubuntu OS. The currently active website configured in this way: and the Orkidd app backend. Link hidden for security purpose.
  20. Beginning experience with Github. Here are all publicly hosted repositories:,,
  21. Experience with Linux shell in Raspbian OS in Raspberry Pi development board.
  22. Experience with Raspberry Pi development board. Military tactical Visor was the project developed in Raspberry Pi Zero. Here is the project file: and here are some pictures:
  23. Graphic design as hobby. Here are some of my works: Used Daz Studio, Blender and Affinity Designer extensively to create these works. Some works are created with pencil and paper too.
  24. Article writing and blog writing. Here are my blogs where you can read my articles:,,
  25. Gaming as a hobby. Here are some of my let’s play videos: Dark Souls 2 let’s plays and Valdis Story let’s plays
  26. Reading as a hobby.
  27. Experience with hosting service (not WordPress software). Website hosted in such way:
  28. Learned Unreal Engine 4 on Udemy. Udemy Certificate:
  29. Podcasting and public speaking as a hobby. Some of my podcasts are here, Audio: and Video:
  30. A prototype project developed in Unreal Engine 4. Here is a short video of the same: